May 23, 2017


What is Roshna?

  • Roshna Social Organization was founded in 2015 to represent and respond to issues of special significance to areas of educational, social and legal communities. Concerned that needs within these communities were not being adequately addressed, a group of community volunteers and university students came together to call for an organization that would raise public and target needs within Afghanistan communities. Since its founding, Roshna Social Organization (RSO) has been dedicated to creating strong, healthy, and economically viable communities in order to create a better life, especially for young generation, children, university students and families.

Who are Roshna members?

  • Roshna members are all students, youths of this country that are striving hard to bring changes and create new possibilities in Afghanistan. Roshna members believe in gender equality and respect.

Where is Roshna Located and how big is your budget?

  • Location: Roshna’s current main office is in Kabul. We are working mainly in Kabul but its activities are not limited to only Kabul. Education platforms, healthcare, environemtal, women and youth empowerment focuses are on all provinces of Afghanistan. Check the Address link for exact address of main office.
  • Budget: Roshna does not have any budget. The members of Roshna are all volunteers. Roshna is lucky that was able to promote the culture of volunteerism among its own structure and entity and now enjoys this culture as well. Some of our some activities are funding by the Roshna members, some are donate by community helpers and some by other organizations.

How is Roshna Governed?

  • Roshna is governed by a 7-member Board of Management made up of individuals with extensive experience in activism, policy, Organizations, business and advocacy. This Board works and makes sure Roshna is making progress against its mission.
  • Roshna is advised by a 3-member Board of Advisors.

How is Roshna Legally structured?

  • Roshna is a non-profit social organization that is registered in Directorate of …. Roshna is a tax-exempted organization which only reports to ministry of Justice and other relevant departments. Roshna is recognized as a public Organization (Association) under Art. 35 of Afghanistan Constitution. Roshna is registered and is recognized by the bylaws of Ministry of Justice.

How is Roshna Funded?

  • Roshna does not have any specific donor. Roshna stays away from politics and political affiliations and is 100% unrelated to any political party. The members of Roshna are all volunteers. Some of our some activities are funding by the Roshna members, some are donate by community helpers and some by other organizations. Roshna receives funds from the general public, individual philanthropists and organizations dedicated to fighting illiteracy, helping education, youths, women empowerment, healthcare, environment and public awareness for law and community empowerment.


Can I donate to Roshna?

  • Of course you can. Roshna is an independent non-political and non-profit social organization. You can help is in so many ways. Please check the Donation page.

What issues does Roshna work on?

  • Roshna mainly focuses on issues like:
    • Focus on advancing knowledge
    • Empower youths and women
    • Strengthen community
    • Social Awareness
    • Support sustainable and transformational development
    • Help children realize their potential and build their futures.
    • Professional development opportunities
    • Promote the culture of volunteerism
    • To promote educational excellence and preparation of students for global competitiveness. (EX. International moot court competitions, Essay competitions, Model United Nations, etc.)

Where does Roshna get its name from?

  • Contrary to popular believe, Roshna is not named after the name of someone which is popular name in Afghanistan.
  • The name was inspired by the meaning of Roshna in Dari and Pashto languages of Afghanistan. Roshna means light, glory, brilliance and brightness.