May 21, 2017



Founded in 2015, Roshna Social Organization (RSO) serves as an advocate for youth empowerment, peace-building, public awareness, education and information, and aims to be a builder of a vibrant and growing community of change agents.

Since its establishment, RSO has become a respected convener of aspiring undergraduate and graduate students, serving as an advocacy and public awareness platform for addressing issues of constitutional rights, women empowerment, legal awareness, youth empowerment, community revitalization and economic development.

With the dedicated team of board members and organizers, RSO provides a significant contribution to creating an inclusive, healthy, just community.


An Afghan society that values and supports the social, civic, economic and peace-making engagement of its diverse local communities


To be the driving force in empowering future emerging leaders, promoting peace and evolution of cooperative culture


  • We believe that community members are the best agents for change, and that youth play a core team role;
  • We believe each of us has a unique role in the intricate web of life, and shoulder a social responsibility towards having a better society;
  • We value the fact that all people have the right to live in peace, love, and harmony and that each of us is responsible as a contributor to those ends;
  • We believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of human life;